Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heritage Notes - 10 September 2010

This week’s picture

This week’s picture comes from Teresa and Gerry Moore of Shanbally. It shows a group scene outside Collender’s public house in Main Street, now Danny and Nora’s Central Bar. Mr Collender, who was a local school teacher in the early 20th century, and family are pictured in their finery here, and any further information as to the date or the names of the people would be much appreciated. When you zoom into the electronic version of this image, it is clear that the notice board between the two boys and the rest of the group contains some photographs or postcards, including ones of Dromana Bridge and Main Street, Cappoquin, while the larger posters inside the window are advertisements for Clarke’s perfect plug tobacco and snuff.

Heritage Exhibition at Library

By special permission form the County Library Service, the ‘Cappoquin and the United Nations’ exhibition at the library will continue upstairs for a few weeks more. It has been great to see the interest the exhibition has aroused and indeed the amount of new photographs and information which continues to arrive. We have now found thirty five local people who have served in UN peacekeeping work abroad, and there may well be more. The exhibition is open during library opening hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and all day Saturday until further notice.

Heritage in your face(book)

While practically all the information there is to know about Civic Link can be found on our website at www.cappoquin.net , just a reminder too that you can find the Heritage Group and other items also on facebook, where our ‘friends’ total has now gone over 200 and also updates on our blog.

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