Monday, October 4, 2010

Heritage Notes - 8 October 2010

Club Directory on the Way

The finishing touches are being put to the third edition of the Cappoquin Civic Link Club Directory, and we hope to be able to distribute copies of the guide in the coming few days. As before, the Directory will have the up to date contact details for all the clubs and societies in the area, as well as phone numbers for important local services. We sincerely hope this will be a useful resource for everyone seeking to get involved in the vast range of clubs and activities available in the area.

Blog Spots

Just a word to tell people that Civic Link is now hitting cyberspace with a vengeance. For those who like to blog, you can find us at while the Heritage Group also has its own address, We are also on facebook and don’t forget also that you can access all our details, images, old newspaper notes etc on the web at . It may be a relief to know that we talk with people too, so whatever form of communication you fancy, we’re there.

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