Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heritage Notes - 26 August 2011

Steamer’s Quay

Last week’s picture has been identified as a scene from 1936, but the reason behind Sargent’s Garage selling three different brands of fuel remains a mystery, even to serious car experts locally. This week we re-live the golden age of the steamboat with a scene from the Steamer’s Quay around the early 1890s. If you look closely enough you can see the new panelling on the red bridge, the ticket box for collecting the fares and there is even a little boy dressed in a sailor suit, perhaps for his very first trip to Youghal. Who knows what an adventure he had that day?

Following the great work done on the red bridge car park by Civic Link and the Council, the Heritage Group has been working hard of late trying to progress a possible restoration to modern standards of the Steamer’s Quay, and we have been very heartened by the backing we have received from landowners and river users alike. Our aim is simply to see the Quay restored for use by boats of any description and there is no desire to make money from the venture. It could be a great boost to local river use, and to tourist interest in the area and we are committed to doing all that a small voluntary group can do to bring this about.

‘Off the Top’

With the opening of Cappoquin’s first barber’s shop (i.e. for the guys only) in more than thirty years now just a few days away (Aug 30), it is great to hear that the name of Mark Ferguson’s new establishment is derived from one of the favourite sayings of our last barber, the late Paddy Connolly of Upper Main Street. We have narrowed down the date of Paddy’s closure for business to between 1974 and 1980 or so but if anyone can be more precise do let us know. In the meantime, the best of luck to Mark in his new venture beside Super Valu – no news as yet whether hair transplants are also available!

Ap training

Some of our members were heading for the launch of the mobile phone application devoted to Dungarvan history this week and we are very hopeful that we can access training to allow us to develop something similar for Cappoquin in the coming months.

Heritage Christmas Cards

This year’s stock of postcards on local themes are selling very well and can still be bought in either the credit union or post office. We have also decided to produce a new series of local Christmas cards for this year. However, this year we would like to invite anyone who has taken ‘Christmassy’ images of local scenes in the past to submit them to us and we will use the best six as the images for this year’s cards. Ideally, we need to get pictures in before the end of September and we will be happy to give some free Christmas cards (as well as the obvious fame involved!) to the people whose photos, or paintings, are selected. Any Heritage Group or Civic Link member will be glad to hear from you on this one.

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