Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heritage Notes - 16 September 2011

The Magnificent Eight!!

This week’s blast from the past features a group of fifth-year students at St. Anne’s Secondary School in the early 1980s. If they look a bit ‘old’ for the eighties, the reason is simple enough. These ‘magnificent eight’ were extras in the BBC production of ‘One of Ourselves’, shot mainly in Cappoquin. The film starred local lad Stephen Mason alongside legend Cyril Cusaack and a host of stars, while other locals like Carmel Allen, Aidan Walsh, Bridget Uniacke and the late Rita McCarthy and Tom Hackett among others saw action too.

The scene in the photograph here is taken outside the parochial hall, which featured in the film as the local cinema. It is probably embarrassment enough for those in the picture for them to be shown here, so we will skip the names on this occasion. It’s not too difficult to recognise them anyway, though most are minus the caps and most of the hair today!

Christmas Card photos

We have received a number of pictures to date in our appeal for possible Christmas Card images for 2012. Please keep them coming as we hope to make a decision on the six card designs within the next three weeks or so in order to have them out in good time for the festive season. Cara at the Credit Union (mcgrath.cara@gmail.com) or any other Civic Link member will be delighted to hear from you. Electronic copies of any images would be best but we can manage them anyway we get them really.

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